my friend is sick ㅠ____ㅠ

  07/28/14 at 10:18pm

Sunday is the perfect day to screw the diet (gnocchi, carrots and zucchini)

  07/27/14 at 12:43pm

shiny happy people

  07/15/14 at 04:12pm

growing more avocados

  07/14/14 at 06:12pm

2 seconds before the oven.

being vegetarian/vegan and on a diet: about 200 cal the whole thing (aubergines, tomato passata, basil, oregano and 1 spoon of EVO). looks bad but tastes OK

  07/13/14 at 12:07pm

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for making my tumblr’s dashboard NSW I salute and thank you Mr Stipe

  07/12/14 at 01:09pm