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I’d buy those but how high and how wide is the leg? (in cm, if possible)


juliet of the spirits - fellini

my fav Fellini’s film

and Valentina Cortese’s voice is still beautiful (she turned 91 in January)

I guess today it’s Fellini day for Mr Stipe. I’m glad someone is paying homage to one of our genius as it seems we Italians have a short memory and very little pride in what we have given to this planet’s history and culture (at least on the occidental side of it) ^^

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  04/20/14 at 03:49pm

prettier, fluffier and more smelly than you

  04/17/14 at 06:55pm

eeek! I saw kids scared to death because of this advert…

  04/17/14 at 04:40pm

especially when he tries to jump off the popemobile while in motion…

  04/13/14 at 12:16pm

a lot of work for Francesco’s bodyguards today…

  04/13/14 at 12:14pm